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Quimat UNO R3 Project Super Starter Kit with Free Tutorial f

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Quimat UNO R3 Project Super Starter Kit with Free Tutorial for Arduino,Complete Robotics Sensor Kit with Breadboard,Protoboard,Nano Board,5V Relay,Power Supply Module,Stepper Motor, 9V DC Battery, Remote Control

1. Quimat is a Professional Manufacturer who focus on the design,development, production and marketing of Arduino,Raspberry Pi,3D printers, robot cars and Arcade game Accessories.
2.We also have processional engineer team to provide you free tutorials which can help you start learning from beginning
3.You will get a 18 month-Warranty
4. We are always caring about customer's experience and well-prepared to improve the product quality. So if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.
Box Contents:
1)UNO R3 development boardx1
2)USB cable x1
3)Prototype extension board x1
4)Mini breadboard x1
5)5V stepper motor x1
6)2003 Stepper motor driver board x1
7)Red LED x10
Green LED x10
Yellow LED x10
8)Vibration Sensor x2
9)Infrared receiver x1
10)Photoresistor x3
11)Key cap x 4
12)Key switch x4
13)Adjustable potentiometer x1
14)Passive buzzer piezo buzzer x1
15)Active buzzer tone generator x1
16)Jumper cap x1
17)Large breadboard x1
18)Remote Control x 1
19)1602 Screen x1
20)Breadboard module x1
21)HC-SR04 module x1
22)DuPont line 1 x10pin
23)Breadboard lineapproximately x30
24)8*8 dot matrix x1
25)One digit eight segment tube x 1
26)Four digit eight segment tube x1
27)IC 74HC595 x1
28)Battery Holder x1
29)220 ohm Resistance x10
330 ohm Resistance x10
1K ohm resistance x10
10K ohm resistance x10
30)Battery 9V x1
31)40pin header 2.54mm x1
32)Three color LED module x1
33)Thermistor module x1
34)Touch sensor x1
35)CD with tutorialx1
36)Component box x1
37)Plastic box x1


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