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Quimat Upgrade WiFi Robot Car Kit with Mega2560 Board, Utility Intelligent Vehicle Robotics with Video Tutorial for Arduino Included, Smart Learning & Educational DS Robot Kit with HD Camera 

·  Best Choice - A great robot kit for you to start exploring the robot world. Mechanical parts and electronic modules are included for learning robotics electronics for Arduino program
·  The top Robot Platform - Smart car chassis, full stainless steel car body, laser-carving and welding body, military crawler-type car Robot
·  Strong Power System - Built-in 2200mAh 12V/8A battery, double DC gear motors, planetary gear box
·  WiFi DS robot for Arduino Smart Car kit with antenna, obstacle avoidance, tracking and 720P HD camera
·  Perfectly compatible with IOS and Android APP and other smart phone and PC controller
Quimat wireless WiFI robot car kit is a great choice for learning and education

1.Compatible with Arduino Mega2560 Board, more convenient to connect with other modules
2.Built-in 2200mAh 12V/8A battery pack with protection circuit,compatible with Arduino 2560 PWR Multi-function Power Supply Motor Drive Module
3.Robot-Link external 5DBi wireless digital video transmission module brings stronger signal
4.720P HD camera, with manual adustable focus lengh,dedicated to WiFi video car robot
5.More features such as 4-DOF manipulator, 5 pairs of loading wheels, industrial-grade infrared sensor of obstacle avoidance, etc, really a collection that could not to be missed for Makers
6.Perfectly compatible with IOS and Android APP and other smart phone and PC controller

Just follow the our instructions to assemble it and then have a fun!

Package Content:
1.Arduino Compatible MEGA2560 R3 Robot Drive motherboard *1
2.WIFI Robots PWR.AR power supply and motor driver shell board *1
3.Robot-link wifi wireless video and data transfer module *1
4.Robot Link 300M 5DB Antenna *1
5.4 Degree of freedom manipulator *1
6.Manipulator Steering gear extension line *3
7.9G Steering Engine *2
8.Metal track Chassis *1
9.720P USB Camera *1
10.2200mAh 12V 8A battery *1
11.12V Charger *1
12.Nylon column *8
13.15cm Wire(electric motor use) *4
14.Micro USB Cable *1
15.Without cap screw M3 *20
16.Screw Cap M3 *20
17.MINI USB transfer Network port Cable *1
18.Velcro *1
19.For arduino board Download cable *1
20.Tow degrees of freedom video PTZ (including screw bag) *1
21.Beam tube *1
22.Driver DVD *1
23.Instruction manual *1

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