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Quimat 2017 Update Version 39 Sensor Module,The Starter Kit Robot Projects for Arduino UNO R3 Raspberry Pi 3 2 Mega Due Nano Arduino Programming With Tutorials
1.Professional 39-in-1 Sensor Module Kit for ARDUINO
2.Complete Update and common models for arduino UNO NANO R3 Mega 2560 starter kit
3.Compatible for raspberry pi RPi 3 2 Model B A A+ B+ sensor kits
4.Standard interface can be controlled directly by microcontroller ( 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, ARM, MSP430, TTL logic)
5.Detailed tutorials including project introduction and source code CAN BE PROVIDED FOR FREE, contact us BY Email to get documents.
Packing list:
1)Analogy-Hall sensor Module*1
2)Water lever sensor model*1
3)Rotate-encode Module*1
4)Light break sensor Module*1
5)Finger-Pulse sensor Module*1
6)Magnetic spring Module*1
7)Obstacle avoidance sensor Module*1
8)Tracking sensor Module*1
9)Microphone sensor Module*1
10)Laser-transmit Module*1
11)Relay Module*1
12)18b20 temperature sensor Module*1
13)Digital-Temperature sensor Module*1
14)Linear-Hall Sensor Module*1
15)Flame sensor Module*1
16)High-sensitive voice sensor Module*1
17)Humiture sensor Module*1
18)Joystick PS2 Module*1
19)Infrared-receive sensor Module*1
20)Passive Buzzer Module*1
21)Common-cathode RED&GREEN LED Module*1
22)Knock sensor module*1
23)Shock-switch sensor Module*1
24)Photo resistor sensor Module*1
25)Push button Module*1
26)Tilt-switch Module*1
27)RGB LED Module*1
28)Infrared-transmit Module*1
29)RGB LED Module(SMD)*1
30)Touch sensor*1
31)Two-color commoncathode LED Module*1
32)Active buzzer Module*1
33)Analog-temperature sensor Module*1
34)Colorful Auto-flash Module*1
35)Magnet-ring sensor Module*1
36)Hall sensor Module*1
37)Touch sensor Module*1
38)One digit eight segment tube*1
39)Four digit eight segment tube*1


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