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Quimat UNO R3 Project Complete Ultimate Starter Kit for Arduino with Tutorial,UNO R3 Development Board,Expansion Board,LCD1602, Servo(SG90),HC-SR501,Ultrasonic Sensor Module (2017 New Version)
Contains more than 200 pcs components,is the most complete Arduino starter kit you will find. Great value starter kit with 69 kinds of arduino products.
Include all the Arduino products you need and a free PDF tutorial (more than 30 lessons) to show you how to use them. All code to use the modules is included on the CD.
Include all the arduino products you need in the package with clear listing, such as 9V/1A Power Supply,LCD 1602,Servo SG90 motor,HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module with Bracket,HC-SR501.All the modules come soldered which are easy to wire up.
The UNO R3 controller board and USB cable are included,full compatible with Arduino UNO R3,Arduino kit.
Kit comes packaged in compartmentalized case with a bonus box for small parts like LEDs,ICs,buttons,diodes,etc.

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